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Our patented Extractor/Dryer® is a proven oil and water separator that has successfully filtered compressed air in the pneumatics industry for over 30 years. In addition to our Extractor/Dryer®, La-Man's line of products include the patented Pneumatic/Dryer & Pneuguard® Oiler series, as well as, LA-MAN-AIR Breathing Systems™, SuperStar™ Membrane Dryers, the Refrigerated Extractor/Dryer™ series, and select  Drains & Valves.

La-ManThe United States military, the Golden Gate Bridge, Tyson Foods, Lockheed Martin, and Thermal Dynamics are just a few of the many different companies using our products. Located in Mazeppa, MN, we use a worldwide network of over 2,000 quality distribution branches to serve our diverse market. La-Man® products can provide solutions to many of today's complex air control filtration and purification problems.

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