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Breathing Air Systems

Model 50-2

Model #50-2

Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons (oil) or other chemical vapors and toxic gases can all be extremely hazardous to your health. These toxic contaminants may be present in the atmosphere while performing such tasks as spray painting, sandblasting, tank cleaning or repairing gas lines. Normally compressed air will contain liquid, water, and oil, gaseous hydrocarbons, dirt, rust, scale, and may contain other potentially hazardous contaminates, thus making the compressed air unsuitable for breathing.

Now you can provide the highest level of respiratory protection while using air from your existing compressed air supply. The MARTECH "Quality Air Breathing System" removes the undesirable contaminates from the compressed air and efficiently removes hydrocarbons, oil vapors, tastes, and odors well below OSHA limits for Grade "D" breathable air.

Each unit comes equipped with a CO monitor, which will alarm both visibly and audibly when the contaminant concentration exceeds allowable limits, ensuring continuous safety. Choose from the optional NIOSH approved Supplied-Air Masks, Supplied-Air Hoods, and Hoses to make your breathable air system complete.

Model 50P w/2 Oulets
We offer a complete line of NIOSH approved hoods, masks, and hoses for painting, welding, grinding, and blasting.

Full face hood set


Full head set




Made In America
Made in America