La-Man Corporation Products remove moisture and contaminates from compressed air.

La-Man Corporation is the leader in providing filtration and lubrication products to the pneumatic industry. Located in Mazeppa, Minnesota, we use a worldwide network of over 2,000 quality distribution branches to service our diverse market. We have been serving you since 1979, and we proudly manufacture in the U.S.A.

Our patented Extractor/Dryer® and Superstar™ .01 micron filter are proven oil and water separators that successfully filter compressed air by removing water, oil and contaminates. The primary focus of La-Man has always been to deliver clean, dry compressed air for our customers.

This unique coalescing compressed air filter, along with other La-Man accessories, is used by several well known names that rely on clean, dry air. The United States Military, The Golden Gate Bridge, Tyson Foods, Lockheed Martin, and Thermal Dynamics are just a few of the many different companies using our products.

La-Man® products can provide solutions to many of today’s complex air control filtration and purification products.