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Extractor/Dryer: Point-of-use compressed air filter with ranges from 15-2000 SCFM. This two-stage coalescing removes liquids and filters compressed air down to 5 microns.

SuperStar™.01 Micron Filter

A four stage coalescing filter that removers liquid, filters to 0.01 micron, and absorbs oil mist and vapors.

SuperStar™ Membrane Dryer

Delivers ultra clean and dry compressed air to any application. It will also remove liquids, filters to 0.01 micron, absorbs oil mist & vapors, and lowers the dew point of compressed air.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Cools the air from a compressor in order to extract the moisture before air is sent downstream.

Pneumatic / Pneuguard® Series

This inline dryer is placed within 6 feet of the end use to remove condensation and contaminates.

La-Man Drain Options

Preventive maintenance helps treat many compressed air problems. Our line of drains efficiently relieves moisture from tanks and compressors.


A third & fourth stage add-on filter installed after your existing Extractor/Dryer. The Oiliminator uses an activated charcoal to absorb oil mists & vapors.

La-Man-AIR Breathing System™ 

Reach OSHA standards of Grade "D" quality air from our complete line of breathing systems and accessories such as hoods, masks, & hoses.

Service Kits

A maintenance kit with replacement “Filters” for your Extractor/Dryer and other La-Man Products.